Miele Induction Cooktop

Miele Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktop created a new era in the realm of cooking. It is energy efficient, faster and easier for the beginner to professional people. Since 1990, induction cook top is improving day by day and new features are added to make it more proficient and eligible. Miele is one of the leading brands in the cook top world. It has high brand value and it is famous for its quality products. Miele induction cooktop are widely renowned cook top in the present market. To write this Induction Cooktop Reviews, I have considered two different size of this product, Miele Induction Cooktop 30 and Miele Induction cooktop 36.


Miele Induction Cooktop


Miele Induction Cooktop Reviews:

As most of the features of these two models are same, I will brief you about the common features first. The difference between these two models will be followed later on.

1)   Excellent Design and Arrangement:

Miele Cooktops come with their own control interface. It is very easy to install and it does not possess the area underneath it like that traditional range cook top. You can easily use the space below as a cupboard or drawer which will save a huge space for your other cooking equipment.

2)   Quality Induction:

In this cook tops; the heat creates exactly at the base of the cookware. It ensures minimum waste of energy. If somebody says, their cook top prevents 100% energy loss that will be a bluff. A mechanical error will take place and you need to look for that cook top which can reduce it to the minimum level.

3)   Time-Saving Experience:

Miele induction cooktop is equipped with the twin booster feature which is very practical and efficient in case of fast cooking. Usually, the power output is distributed in each cooking zone. But you can combine the power output and imply it on a single cooking zone to have faster cooking.

4)   Easy To Operate:

Miele induction cook top comes with an easy operating interface. The temperature and the time limit of each cooking zone can be selected individually.


Miele Induction Cooktop 30 Vs Miele Induction Cook Top 36:

Till now we have seen the common features of these two extra-ordinary cookware models. Let’s have a look at the difference between these two:

1) The first difference is obviously their size. Miele Induction Cook Top 30 comes with four burners and Miele Induction Cook Top 36 comes with 5 burners.

2) Both have touch screen digital display but in Miele Induction Cook Top 30 you will get 1-9 power level, but in Miele Induction Cook Top 36, the power level will be 1-12.

3) The sizes of cooking zones in Miele Induction Cook are:

  1. a) Single 11”: 1 zone.
  2. b) Single 8”: 2 zones.
  3. c) Single 7”: 1 zone.

But Miele Induction Cooktop 36 comes with a different cooking zone structure:

  1. a) Center Zone: 11”
  2. b) 2 Front Zones: 9” each.
  3. c) 2 rear zones: 6.5” each.

If you want my opinion about which one you should buy, just think of how much cooking you need to do every day. The features are almost same and the basic difference is between their accommodation capabilities. I personally prefer Miele Induction Cooktop 36 due to its stunning design and very user-friendly surface for cooking. You can find your favorite Miele Induction Cooktop on amazon.


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