Inducto Induction Cooktop

Inducto Portable Induction Cooktop- a Professional Solution

Induction cooktop has begun a revolution in cooking industry. Traditional gas stoves are rapidly being replaced by this device due to its versatile features. The days of a long time cooking in a hot sweaty atmosphere came to an end. Now, Inducto Induction Cooktop can provide you a fast, stress-free and safe cooking experience. Among numerous brands and models in the market, it is quite difficult for a person to find the best cooktop. You have to know the key features, pros and cons of a cooktop before buying it. In that regard, today I will discuss a famous brand named Inducto.

Inducto Induction Cooktop

Inducto Induction Cooktop Review:

Inducto has different induction cooktop models. I personally prefer Inducto Portable Induction Cooktop, Model: A79. Let’s find out the reasons:

  1. Easy Control:

Inducto A79 portable induction cooktop comes with an easy control panel so that you can do your daily cooking without any hassle. It comes with 6 different controlling switches on its digital control panel. The on/off button, preset buttons to adjust the power and temperature will provide you an easy cooking experience.

  1. Energy Efficient:

Like other cooktops, Inducto induction cooktop will not give you a headache regarding power bills. It consumes 90% less energy than any other gas or electric cooktop in the market. It uses 1500 watts and requires a power source of 120V.

  1. Multiple use:

Inducto A79 portable induction cooktop is not only efficient, but also capable of performing multi tasks. You can use it for boiling, slow cook, bar-b-q, steam, simmer, fry and much more. It is an all in one solution for your kitchen as well as it will save a huge space on your counter top. After using, you can clean and keep it in the locker as it is small and lightweight.

Inducto Induction Cooktop Reviews

  1. Safety & Sensors:

Inducto induction cooktop releases with plenty of safety features. The surface will not be active until you place a cooktop convenient cookware at its top. If you put a cookware which is not compliant with it, it will resist and notify you with an audible error. If the diameter of your cookware is more than 8 cm, the cooktop will not start. It is safe because it does not have any heating coils or open flame as well as it has an auto shut off feature which reduces the possibility of any fire incident.

  1. Ventilation System:

For a better working and output, a cooktop should have a good ventilation system. Inducto A79 portable induction cooktop has two fans at its back. You must place the cooktop on a flat surface to keep these fans 100% operational. Make sure any splits do not block the way of its ventilation.


  1. 4 digit LED display.
  2. Overheat protection.
  3. ETC compliant.
  4. Easy to clean.
  5. Very fast heating.


  1. Only support specific cookware set.
  2. The cooling fan is noisy.


First of all, it is a portable cooktop and secondly the price is within our range. I did not expect such extraordinary features in this product. The cons are negligible if you have a smooth cooking experience. The Inducto induction cooktop is safe, fast and energy saving as well as comes with an affordable price. You just need a induction cookware, What else do you want?

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