Induction Cooktop with Downdraft

Induction cooktop with downdraft is counted among the latest technologies of modern cooking systems. In this article I am going to list down more information and some amazing features of induction cook-top.

Induction Cooking:

This amazing technology could be best defined as the cooking system that heats your vessels using magnetic induction. This heat is caused when the current is passed through the coil of copper wire (placed under the cooking vessel). This system pretty much works like a transformer because the magnetic fluctuations help in keeping the cooking pot magnetized. Due to the high resistance of induction cookware, enormous amount of current and heat is produced within the cooking pot.

The launch of the latest downdraft ventilation technology has brought considerable amount of upgrade to induction cooking. Previously, the most common problem experienced by the majority of induction cooking users was cooking steam and smoke resulting in thick grease. Unsurprisingly, this added in a lot of extra work and efforts to clean that material. However, the latest ventilation technology easily sucks out all the steam and smoke present in the cook-top, thus eliminating the formation of greasy material and keeping the overall area clean.

The best part of Induction cooktop with downdraft is that they are easily able to achieve higher range of temperature, reducing the overall boiling time as compared to the gas and electric counterparts.

induction cooktop with downdraft

Advantages of induction cooktops with downdraft

1. The induction cook-top maintain their surface area at room temperature (even if the switch is turned on) which eliminates possible risk of getting your hands burnt at any time.

2. Remove the barriers of putting a tissue between the induction burner and very hot cooking pot for preventing fumes and oil from splashing onto the induction cooktop.

3. The downdraft ventilation system would help in keeping the kitchen air fresh and healthy. The heat pulled out by the ventilation motor would be driven out of your house.

4. It is much easier, effective and faster method of cooking as compared to the traditional electric and gas cooktop.

5. Making the surface cleaner by pulling out cooking odors and greasy vapors.

6. High range of heat which results in reducing the overall cooking time and saving you hours of extra work.

7. Unlike gas cooktops (which only deliver 38% of its energy to the cooking pot), best induction cooktop is capable of converting 80-90% of the total energy, making it a more effective form of cooking.

8. Elimination of steam, smoke and other bi-products makes the induction cooktops an environment friendly option.

Disadvantages of induction cooktop with downdraft

1. Unlike gas and electric cookware (which are capable of handling any type of pots), downdraft induction cook-top only support ferromagnetic pots.

2. There’s always a possible risk of cracking and scratching on the glass surface of the induction cook-top.

3. Air ventilation system results in creating noises which can be annoying at times.

4. Fast heating means that the new users are now required to adjust their cooking pace and time according to the downdraft induction cooktop.


It can be a great choice for you to have an Induction cooktop with downdraft in your kitchen for a better living & healthy life.


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