Chef’s Star Induction Cooktop

Chef’s Star Induction Cooktop Reviews

Modern technology is stimulating our everyday life. Old systems are going away and new implementation of technology is being replaced. Why will you cook in a traditional way in this fast era? You can use another charm of this technology called “Induction Cooktop”, which is smooth, fast, hassle free and obviously time and energy-saving. Chef’s Star Induction Cooktop is a great piece of cooktop which accumulates all these fascinating features to make your life easier. Let’s have a look at the key features of this product:

Chef’s Star Induction Cooktop

Chief’s Star Induction Cooktop Review:

Today we will review Chief’s Star Portable Induction cooktop. It is a great handy piece of a device with excellent cooking capabilities. It is a great piece of product for the people who are on a budget. Compared to its price, it possesses some extraordinary features which are rare in this range. The key features are:

  1. Power Setting:

This portable chief’s star induction cooktop has a wide range of power option (200W-1800W) and fifteen different power levels for your better adjustment. This wide range and power levels will increase your cooking efficiency and also will help you to do advance cooking.

  1. Temperature Setting:

Chef’s Star Induction Cooktop (1800W) also has a wide temperature range. You can adjust the temperature from 140°F  to 465°F. Fifteen different temperature levels will enable you to do your cooking operation smoothly.

  1. Control Panel:

It is a low budget product, but there is no lacking to make it useful to the consumers. This device has a digital control panel with LED display. You can see the temperature and power on the display. At the very right side, you will find the “on/off” switch. After that, plus and minus button is available to adjust these parameters. Another important feature, “timer” is also available here. You don’t need to stand by all the time, just set your cookware, adjust the power, temperature and time, and then let it be done.


Chief’s Star Induction Cooktop Review


  1. User-friendly:

As I already mentioned, this is a low budget induction cooktop but it left no stone unturned to satisfy its user. The cooktop is very user-friendly, can work with different induction cookware like cast aluminum, stainless steel with a magnetic bottom etc. It is small, light that’s why it is also preferred as Chef’s Star Counter top Burner.

  1. Safety:

One of the basic features of an induction cooktop is safety measures. Chef’s Star Induction Cooktop (1800W) does not create heat; instead, it makes the cookware hot to complete the task. The cooktop will not start working until it senses and induction cooktop convenient cookware at its top.



  1. Timer available.
  2. ETC/FCC compliant.
  3. User friendly console.
  4. Easy to clean.



  1. Not so fast.


Chefs Star Induction Cooktop (1800W) is a quality product for efficient cooking. It is also famous towards the adventures or party lovers. Who need to place it outdoors easily which means it’s one of the best portable induction cooktop. Considering all the features and the customer’s reaction, I am pretty sure you will be pleased with it too.


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