2 Burner Electric Cooktop Review

2 Burner Electric Cooktop Review

The 21st century is the age of putting big things, in small packages. Our lives are also the busiest they’ve ever been. When we do have the time to cook a decent meal for ourselves or our family, do we want to unnecessarily waste our precious time on using and maintaining slow, bulky cooking appliances? Space is also a factor. Apartment and house prices are soaring through the roof (pun unfortunately not intended). As a result of this, it’s taking the average person a lot longer to try and climb the property ladder into a home that actually has sufficient space. With the particular space we do have, we certainly don’t want it filled up with culinary equipment. This 2 burner electric cooktop makes  cooking worth the time & make our living easy.

2 Burner Electric Cooktop

Luckily enough for us, Summit has released a range of small, yet powerful, 2 burner portable electric cooktops.


2 Burner Electric Cooktop Pros for the Summit CR2110

The first thing that will draw your attention to the CR2110, is that it’s very aesthetically pleasing. It looks sleek, modern and expensive. Incredibly easy to clean, as it’s one large, smooth glass surface. This is due to the surface being created using Eurokera glass. Eurokera is one of the top leaders in advanced cooking appliances.No excuse for getting caught off guard while letting your kitchen appliances cool down, as the CR2110’s indicator light will remain on until the surface temperature is safe.

A cooking surface of this size would usually only have one heating element, but the CR2110 has two! Each one is 6″ in diameter and 1200W; perfect ratios for fast cooking.

Nothing is worse than accidentally knocking your cooktop heat either off, or too high. That is why push-turn controls have been added to prevent these accidents.

Exceptionally crafted to be installed into a counter, nobody would believe this 2 burner electric hot plate was not designed to be portable.


2 Burner Electric Cooktops cons

We spoke about the size of the cooktop burners previously as being a pro, but for some, that’s actually a huge disadvantage. Those who have big families are likely to use big pots and pans. Due to the distance between each burner being so small, it’s likely that you wouldn’t be able to place two large utensils next to each other.

If you were looking for a 2 burner portable electric cooktop, this is unfortunately not suitable. Despite the size of the whole unit looking mobile friendly; it, unfortunately, needs to be professionally hardwired into place.

Although the unit is very easy to clean, due to using ceramic-glass, it’s imperative that you don’t use regular strength kitchen cleaner. Stick to using non-abrasive soapy water.

Is it worth the purchase?

The Summit CR2110 is a fantastic 2 burner electric cooktop 110v for its size. If you are someone who perhaps lives in a small apartment or doesn’t have a large family, then the amount of utility this unit gives you is perfect. However, if you do need to cook multiple things at once, and your kitchen has a lot of space, there’s other more suitable options out there. You may be interested to look at here also.


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