Safety and innovation are the two main factors that drive just about any industry today. That is no different when talking about the cooking industry. If you’ve done any type of cooking in your life, then there’s a good chance that you’ve been burned by a flame, hot stove or oven, or even a pot that just came off the fire. Actually, some of those things may have happened to you if you were just an innocent bystander and not even involved in cooking. That’s where best induction cooktop come into play. They provide a new and innovative method of cooking that is safer and more energy efficient. The only heat coming from the cooktop will be where the cookware sits, which means you have a much lower chance of getting burned. Induction cooktops are becoming increasingly popular, and they could easily be the norm in the very near future.

How Do The Best Induction Cooktops Work?

Best Induction Cooktop

Even induction cooktop can’t solve every problem for you, but they can help with some. The innovation behind these is that they will cool almost instantly after the pot is removed. What makes them unique is that they only work with magnetic pots and pans, so you can’t expect any pot in your cabinet to work with it.  If you aren’t sure if you have cookware that will work, then try sticking a magnet to it. If it sticks, then it will heat up on the induction cooktop.

The magnetic pot & pan basically acts as a transformer, so the induction cooktop won’t work unless the pot comes in contact with the top. So the days of burning your hands by accident are over when you have one of these innovative cooktops!

The Good and the Bad

One of the main benefits of an induction cooktop is the safety that it offers. If you constantly burn yourself; or more importantly, if you have kids in the house, then you want to keep the kitchen area as safe as possible. With the portable induction cooktop, you won’t have to worry about children putting their hands on the surface and burning themselves. However, if you have a traditional stove as well, then you will need to keep a careful eye on them just in case they think that all stoves are cool to the touch!

Another reason why people like induction cooktops is because most of them are portable. If you enjoy cooking outdoors when the weather is nice, then you can do it. They are also great for camping, as long as you have access to electrical outlets. And the fact that they don’t take up a lot of space is just icing on the cake!

Most people who have tried induction cooking for the first time say that they will never go back to traditional cooking. However, some people get frustrated because they have to get new pots and pans that will work with the induction cooker. It is definitely a different way of cooking and it takes some getting used to. Besides, how often have you cooked with a completely controlled temperature before? Probably not much. Once you get through the learning curve, you will realize how convenient cooking on an induction cooktop really is.

Today we will discuss 5 best Induction Cooktop Reviews below. First, we will discuss NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop also known as NuWave PIC.

NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop (NuWave PIC)NuWave Induction Cooktop

The NuWave name probably sounds familiar to you because you’ve seen some sort of advertising that they’ve done. They spend a lot of time and money advertising their products through the media, so they don’t feel the need to go into much detail when describing their product on sites like Amazon.

The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop (NuWave PIC) is a #1 bestseller on Amazon and one of the best induction cooktop available & also best portable induction cooktop. It was designed with safety in mind because the kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in your home. You can easily get burned when using a traditional gas or electric stovetop, but not with the NuWave Induction Cooktop.

The technology behind the product is in the way heat is transferred. The cooking surface creates heat that goes directly to the cookware and eliminates unnecessary heat going around the surface. And the best part about it is the surface is cool to the touch almost instantly after removing the cookware. Even if you have an oddly shaped pot that you’re using, only the part that the pot is touching will get hot.

As far as the cooking goes, you can set a certain temperature on the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop (NuWave PIC) and never worry about burning your food. It comes with an instruction manual and recipe book that gives you the proper cooking procedure for different foods. For example, if you want to fry chicken at 375 degrees, then you can set the digital thermostat and it will never get any warmer or cooler than that. It can be set anywhere between 100 degrees to 575 degrees in 10-degree increments. Precise temperature control will help you cook perfect food every time.

There are a lot more positive reviews than negative reviews for the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop. People like that they are able to cook healthier, more efficiently and even more energy efficient. In general, people like to use their NuWave versus their traditional stovetop whenever they have the chance.

Most of the main complaints about the NuWave PIC have to do with their customer service rather than the product itself. Some people didn’t receive all of the components that they should have, and the customer service wasn’t very helpful. A very small percent of reviewers complained about temperature issues or any other issues with the product.

Overall, the NuWave PIC has some of the best induction cooktop ratings that you will find. The convenience and reliability that it offers is perfect for busy parents and anyone else that may or may not like to cook. Plus, saving some time and money never hurt anyone!

Gourmia Multi Function Portable Induction Cooktop

Gourmia Induction Cooktop

If you could only use one word to describe this induction cooktop, it would be “handy.” It is small enough to be stored anywhere and can be used as an additional stovetop, an outdoor stove or pretty much anywhere you can find an electrical outlet.

Whether you need to boil water, deep-fry, stir-fry, grill, melt or simmer, this Gourmia product is one of the best portable induction cooktop burners in the industry. Precise cooking is the name of the game with this handy cooker. With eight different power levels and eight temperature settings, there’s nothing that can’t be cooked on this cooktop. The temperature settings range from 140 degrees to 460 degrees with a digital display and knob dial to set the perfect temperature.

If you want to cook something low and slow, you’ll never have to worry about burning it with the up to 180-minute timer that will automatically turn off. It also has a safety feature that is designed to turn off the cooktop if it gets overheated.

One of the claims that this best induction cooktop makes about this, it uses up to 90% less energy than regular gas or electric stoves. Not only is that better for the environment, but it will also reduce the number of your bills. Over time, the cooktop will essentially pay for itself!

Since the cooktop only gets hot when the magnetic cookware is on the surface, there’s no chance that food will get burned onto the surface. That makes clean-up much easier. In fact, you generally only need a paper towel to clean the surface since it is almost instantly cooled when the cookware is removed.

A lot of people have praised the Gourmia induction cooktop for how quickly it heats up. Within just a few minutes of setting it to the desired temperature, it will reach that temperature and remain there until you change it.

You have to search for a while to find any negative reviews about this Gourmia induction cooktop. We were able to find a couple, but none of them really had anything to do with the Gourmia brand itself. Some people don’t like the fact that you have to have special magnetic pot & pans in order for the cooktop to work, but that’s true with any best induction cooktop, not just this one.

When you’ve got a product that has 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon with over 70 customer reviews, you know that there’s something good about it. You will find some of the best portable induction cooktop reviews with this one, and it’s definitely worth buying since it likely won’t break the bank either.

GE Profile Induction Cooktop with 5 Elements Digital Touch Controls

GE Induction Cooktop

GE offers one of the best induction cooktops in the industry. Instead of being portable, this induction cooktop is actually suitable for replacing your existing stove in your house. With its five different elements and digital heat controls, cooking has never been this simple.

One of the features is an 11” 3,700-Watt induction element that will quickly and easily boil water or allow you to deep-fry foods easily. The ability to control the temperature of the elements with the digital control makes it easy and enjoyable to adjust the temperature settings.

The five elements include the following specifications:

  • Two 7” at 2,500-Watts
  • One 8” at 3,200-Watts
  • One 6” at 1,800-Watts
  • One 11” at 3,700-Watts

Something that can be a cause of concern for people looking to switch from electric or gas to an induction cooktop is that they have to buy new cookware. While that may be true in some cases, it’s actually only partially true in other cases. When you understand the science behind induction, you can see if you have any cookware that will work on it.

There is basically a high-frequency coil that is just below the cooking surface. That coil creates a magnetic field, which causes electrons in the metal pan to vibrate, which causes the heat. That’s the reason why only the pan will get hot and not the surface around it. Since the magnetic induction requires cookware made of ferrous metals, you can test your cookware by giving it the magnet test. If a magnet sticks to the pot, then it will work on this best induction cooktop.

Most people who have purchased this GE Induction cooktop are disappointed that they didn’t make the switch to induction heating earlier. Cleaning the induction cooktop is much simpler than any other cooktop, and your temperature controls are phenomenal. You can get the temperature as hot as you need to without scorching the bottom of the pot.

Complaints about this product come when repairs are needed. This GE cooktop is not cheap, to begin with, and repairs are definitely not cheap either. Considering even the best induction cooktops aren’t built to last forever, it is generally more cost effective to just replace the unit rather than repair it. Even with that in mind, people believe that their money is well spent when they get this GE induction cooktop.

Induction cooking may eventually replace electric and gas cooking, as we know it, in the household. If you’re considering making the switch to induction cooking, then you may want to try a portable version first to see how you like it. Once you see how easy it is to use, then you can make an educated decision whether you want to install one in your home as well.

True Induction Cooktop P3D Double Burner Energy EfficientTrue Induction Cooktop

True Induction is a fairly new company, but they are already one of the most competitive when it comes to finding the best induction cooktop. This single burner cooktop is one of the most convenient products that you can own for your indoor or outdoor kitchen. When used indoors, it can be placed next to your stovetop to reduce the amount of clutter on your main stove. You can also use it outdoors as long as you have an electrical outlet to plug it in to.

The burner itself is lightweight at just over 5-pounds. It produces at 1,600-Watts and the temperature range can be set anywhere from 150 degrees to 450 degrees. The glass ceramic top cools almost instantly once the unit is turned off, so it is easy to clean with a paper towel.

Like most other induction cooktops, the True Induction Cooktop is very energy efficient and is a lot safer to use compared to traditional gas or electric stovetops. You will also be able to reach the desired temperature more quickly with this cooktop.

Cooking is made much easier on the True Induction P3D, and the timer feature makes it even easier. Many things you cook will likely have specific cook times. You can set the built-in timer up to 150 minutes to alert you whenever the time is reached. There is also a safety feature that will put the unit on standby mode if it has been used for 150 minutes at a time.

True Induction claims that its products can heat cookware evenly in as little as 45 seconds and can boil water in as little as 90 seconds.

People love the fact that the controls are extremely simple to work with and the product is even easier to use. Most reviews indicate that it heats up quickly and evenly, and a lot of people wonder how they ever survived without an induction cooktop!

One of the common complaints about the True Induction Cooktop is that the fan is a little noisy. It’s definitely not as noisy as a standard fan above a traditional stovetop, but it is louder than many other induction cookers. This could be a nuisance to some people, but most people just turn on the television or some music and it will drown out the fan sound quickly.

Overall, the True Induction P3D is widely considered as one of the top models in induction cooking. More than 65% of the people that wrote reviews on the product on Amazon gave it 5 stars. Another 19% gave it 4 stars. You will feel confident ordering this induction cooktop since it has garnered some of the best induction cooktop reviews online.

Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 9100MC

Duxtop Induction Cooktop

Duxtop is known for having some of the best induction cooktops in the industry. They like to provide consumers with a lot of details about their product so they know exactly what they are getting when they open the box.

You will enjoy the 15 different power levels that range from 200-1,800 Watts and range in temperature from 140 degrees to 460 degrees. The digital control panel is easy to use and read, and you can even set a countdown timer up to 170 minutes in 1-minute increments.

Like other induction cooktops, this Duxtop burner requires that induction cookware is used on it. Cast iron and stainless steel with an aluminum bottom are two examples. Basically, any cookware that you can stick a magnet to will work on this induction burner.

In addition to the variety of things that you can use the Duxtop burner for, it is also very compact and can easily be stored away. Many people end up buying multiple burners since they are more energy efficient and safer to use than most traditional stovetops.

The built-in safety features, like the diagnostic error message system, warn you if something isn’t safe. The burner could get overheated or the voltage could be too high or too low. In either instance, the Duxtop induction cooktop will alert you so you can take action to prevent anything dangerous from happening.

With such a long list of positive reviews about this product, it’s difficult to narrow down the features that people like most. They enjoy that it heats up quickly, and many people claim that they use it as their primary stove rather than their traditional stove. As long as multiple burners aren’t needed, then people generally prefer to use the Duxtop burner. But a lot of people eventually just get another burner so they won’t have to use their regular stovetop anymore. These are just a few reasons why it has received 4.5-stars out of 5 on Amazon with nearly 700 reviews! it’s one of the best induction cooktop features on Amazon.

Negative reviews are difficult to find on this product. In fact, most of the negative reviews have to do with the learning curve of using an induction cooktop for the first few times. People don’t always realize that it is a different way of cooking and it takes some getting used to at first. You may burn some food and you may get frustrated with the heat levels at times. But once you get used to the proper way to use the burner, you will wonder how you’ve been able to cook this long without one!

Why Should You Buy The Best Induction Cooktops?

There really isn’t a specific type of person that induction cooking is for. It doesn’t matter if you are an avid chef or someone who hates cooking, an induction cooktop will make your life in the kitchen much easier.

If you have kids in the house, then it is definitely safer to use an induction burner since it cools more quickly. But even if you don’t have kids, then you will greatly reduce the risk of accidentally burning yourself on the hot stove.

The temperature control is one of the main reasons why people switch to induction cooking. Not only will it make it easier to cook, but you also won’t have to worry about burning food, wasting oil or spending time constantly watching the food. That’s why induction cooktops got 4% more sell over electric & gas cooktop. You can literally just set it at the proper temperature and not worry about it until the food is done.

The technology behind best induction cooktop is the same for the most part. However, the different temperature settings and other features are what you should pay close attention to when making your selection. Just because one cooktop is rated more highly than the others doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best one for you. Take some of the best induction cooktop reviews and decide which ones relate to your situation the best.

The five reviews that we provided you should give you a comprehensive look at the differences between different brands of best induction cooktop in the present market. Now that you are more aware of what some of the induction cooktops include and how the brands differ, you should be able to make a more informed purchase and begin a whole new perspective on cooking!

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