Wolf Induction Cooktop

Wolf Induction Cooktop Review

Induction cooktop is a vital achievement of modern technology which made cooking faster, efficient and also reduces the heat loss like traditional burners. It is safe, fashionable, easy to use and time-saving way of cooking. People often ask me about the best induction cooktop. Well, you cannot simply pick up the best cook top because different people have a different aspect. The product which can serve your desire most will be the best product for you. Today, I will discuss Wolf Induction Cooktop, its key features and pros and cons.


Wolf Induction Cooktop

Wolf Induction Cooktop:

Wolf is a famous name in the realm of the cook top. It is stylish, easy to use and innovative design has put it in one of the consumer choices. I considered two design, wolf 36’ and wolf 30” in my wolf  induction cooktop review.

Let’s have a look at their key features:

  • Innovative Design: Wolf created a new solution in induction cook top. While another induction cook top has one big burner at the center and two small burners in the side, wolf 36” came up with a new design of 5 different burners and wolf 30” have four different burners in the surface. The bigger one is placed on the right side behind the main control panel and the left side is equipped with four consecutive small burners. These four burners can be bridged in one large burner and you allocate two big pans on the cook top surface simultaneously.
  • Efficient Cooking Experience: The efficient mechanism of this product will provide you a satisfactory cooking experience. In wolf 36” the larger burner’s parameter is 10.5” and the small four burners are 8”. In wolf 30”, the larger burner is the same as wolf 36”. There are two medium burners of 8” and a small burner of 6”. The power performance is remarkable and the design will allow you to use the maximum surface.
  • Safety: Lock mood is installed on the cook top for the sound and safe cooking for you as well as your family. The cookware sensor in this cook top is very responsive and will not energize anything on the surface without an induction pan or similar item. It is a good safety measure for you and your kids.
  • Temperature Limiter: Wolf induction 30 and Wolf induction 36 both are equipped with temperature limiter feature. It will ensure the safe temperature for your equipment and will not let the cook exceed that safe temperature.



  • Solid surface, scratch proof.
  • Allow you a large surface of cooking.
  • Suitable for glass top cook tops and that is why very popular as a family cook top.


  • Sometimes it breaks easily.
  • The surface is black; you have to clean after every cooking session.

Wolf induction cooktop 30 vs Wolf induction cooktop 36:

The basic difference between wolf induction cook top 36” and wolf induction cook top 30” is the number of burners and the size itself. Other than that, they are very similar.

I have a very small family with my husband and a kid. Wolf induction cooktop 30” is suitable for my requirement and budget. I bought my 30” wolf induction cooktop from Amazon.


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