Frigidaire Induction Cooktop

Frigidaire Induction Cooktop – FGIC3067MB Gallery 30” Black Review

Frigidaire is widely respected as one of the top brands in manufacturing products made for the kitchen.  With induction cooking becoming increasingly popular, it’s no surprise that Frigidaire has jumped into the market as well.The FGIC3067MB Frigidaire Induction Cooktop 30 is a little bit smaller than most 36” induction cooktops, but it packs just as much punch!


Frigidaire Induction Cooktop Reviews

Frigidaire Induction Cooktop 30 Model FGIC3067MB Gallery 30” Black

If you have a smaller counter top, or if you’re on a budget and still want an induction cooktop, this Frigidaire Induction Cooktop is a great option to consider because of these features:

  • Four heating elements
  • 10” – 3,400 Watts element
  • Hot surface indicator
  • Easy temperature controls
  • Power assist function


Frigidaire Induction Cooktop

Best Things About the Frigidaire Induction Cooktop

The ability to lower the temperature on the surface almost instantaneously is one of the things that people like most about this induction cooktop.  The smaller surface makes it easy to use the four heating elements at one time.There is also a safety feature that will lock the controls to prevent you from accidentally turning the unit on.  The unit will also turn off if water gets spilled on the surface by either boiling over, or another source.


Worst Things About the Frigidaire Induction Cooktops

Good luck trying to find many negative reviews about the Frigidaire Professional Induction Cooktop 30 FGIC3067MB.  About the only things that people have complained about are common complaints about induction cooktops in general.  It takes some getting used to, especially if you’ve only cooked with gas or electric stoves. Also, the ceramic glass surface can be vulnerable to scratching.  You have to take extra care when you are sliding the pots and pans on the cooktop.  Anything that’s stuck to the bottom of the pot or on the stove could scratch the surface.


Why You Should Buy the Frigidaire Induction Cooktop FGIC3067MB

If you’re brand new to induction cooking for your home, then this could be the perfect option for you.  It is not as large as many other cooktops, but it also doesn’t have as many elements on it.  If you rarely use more than a couple anyway, then there’s no need to spend extra money to get one that has 5+ elements on it.  This is a simple best induction cooktop that is reliable and will be well worth the money when you figure out how to use it.



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