Aroma Induction Cooktop

Aroma Induction Cooktop Reviews

Portable induction cooktops are some of the most convenient pieces of equipment that you can have in your kitchen.  If you don’t want to bite the bullet and upgrade your main gas or electric stove to an induction stove, then a portable one is your next best option.The Aroma Induction Cooktop AID-509 is one of the most popular induction cooktops because of its reliability and the features it offers.


Product Details

Aroma Induction Cooktop – AID-509

A product that looks so simple doesn’t appear to have many features.  However, once you know exactly what this Aroma Induction Cooktop can do, you will be amazed at how much easier your life will be in the kitchen.  Here are some of its main features:

  • Seven different heat settings
  • Programmable 180-minute timer
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Easy Cleanup
  • Keep Warm setting


Aroma Induction Cooktop

Best Things About the Aroma Induction Cooktops

For a portable induction cooktop, the temperature settings are usually exactly what you would need.  It comes with a 4-foot cord, so you aren’t restricted to a tiny space against the wall when you cook. Most people enjoy using the Aroma Induction Cooktop AID-509 over their regular stove, especially if they are just boiling water for something.  It is easy to use, quick to heat up and even easier to clean!


Worst Things About the Aroma Induction Cooktop

You have to look pretty hard to find negative reviews about the Aroma Induction Cooktop AID-509.  Some people have mentioned that it makes a slight buzzing sound, but that is because of the magnetism working to heat your pot.Some people have also experienced issues with different sized pots not heating evenly.  Sometimes this is caused by not using the proper induction cookware, but it is still an issue to be aware of.


Why You Should Buy the Aroma Induction Cooktop AID-509

Portable cooking is fun, and cooking on an induction cooktop is even more fun.  The Aroma Induction Cooktop AID-509 does everything that it’s supposed to in order to make cooking easier for you.  This potable induction cooktop is one of the best induction cooktop in present market. Whether you want to use this as an addition to the stovetop in your home, or if you want to use it for outdoor cooking, it will work just as well.If you’ve never cooked on an induction cooktop before, then you owe it to yourself to give this one a try.  The abundance of positive reviews on Amazon speaks for itself!



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