30 Inch Gas Cooktop Review

Choosing a 30 inch Gas Cooktop

Picking a cooktop is one of the most enjoyable parts of designing a kitchen. It’s a major purchase since the whole purpose of a kitchen is cooking after all! This is the tool you’ll use for cooking family dinners and for preparing your holiday meals. So, you’ll be using this stovetop often and hopefully for a long time to come. Some features separate each model and brand, so identify what’s important to you and then begin your search. We will talk about a 30 inch gas cooktop today model GE CGP350SETSS Cafe 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop.


30 inch Gas Cooktop


Choosing the cooktops that fits with your current overall decor can make a kitchen look great. For example, if your sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator are all stainless steel, you’ll probably want to find a 30 inch gas cooktop stainless steel model that matches them. This size cooktop is compact yet still offers enough room to cook a family size meal.

One of the most popular features is a downdraft. Downdraft collects smoke and cooking odors right at the cooktop, clearing the air without a hood ventilation system. This is a great way to prevent any smoke alarms from triggering and to minimize the unpleasant smell of gas. This is a really nice safety feature and should be considered if you there aren’t other ventilation methods available in your kitchen.

Pay attention to the burner configuration. Some cooktops have four burners, yet some manage to fit five. For example, this GE 30 inch gas cooktop uses an efficient design to fit five burners.

When you browse through 30 inch gas cooktop reviews, you’ll see that the highest rated cooktops feature sealed burners. Sealed burners prevent drips and spills from entering the burner box, making cleaning very easy and convenient.


Gas or Electric?

Gas cooktops present some unique benefits over electric models. Let’s examine some of them.

Heats Quickly: The flame on a gas stove is lit immediately, giving you quicker heating time compared to an electric burner that heats gradually. It’s easy to precisely manage your heat. Also, when you turn the flame off you can keep your pot or pan on the same burner, without worry about overcooking. This saves time and space when preparing large meals.

Inexpensive, Clean Fuel: Gas cooktops use propane or natural gas, which burns cleanly and is relatively cheap. In the long run, you will save money by using gas rather than electric.

Power Source: If the power goes out, you can’t cook with an electric stove. A gas cooktop is great because even in an emergency that causes a power outage, you can still prepare food, and boil water with this 2 burner gas stove.

Easy to Clean: In the past, cleaning a gas cooktop could be cumbersome with food bits falling into hard to reach places. Now, most cooktops use sealed burners. Sealed burners make cleaning a glass cooktop very easy and quick.


Determine your budget and then the other factors that are important to you. Great 30 inch gas cooktops are available in a wide variety of styles and configurations across multiple brands. Find the right 2 burner gas cooktop that will enable you to enjoy cooking for years to come.


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